Blitztrager mode is best enjoyed when the WT player actively avoids winning!

This is an advice really, we all know the WT is op, in fact against all but the best team, a good WT player can swiftly end the game, yesterday I won a game with a measly 6k damage and no time extensions for the enemy team, but what did I get out of it? Wasn’t that fun honestly. But you know what was fun? When I decided to actively avoid plasma holding vehicles, and let them cap generators! I’d teleport near the generators, stun them so the cap takes longer, kill non plasma holding vehicles, but let them cap and extend the timer, the enemy team did end up winning that games, but I got out of it with 30k damage and ~20 kills, enjoyed it WAY more than the one with swift end + contributed way more to WT missions like getting 30 kills. I’m pretty sure the enemy team enjoyed it too, since they didn’t just get one sidedly crushed, so guys, how do you plan on playing that tank going forward?

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