Bm 2021 a free to play player’s perspective

-Deal: 1 okay I didn’t matter there are still many days left

-Deal: 2 worst deal why even have it

-Deal 3: okay wanted to get it but the servers crashed, but okay they will probably sell the somua for credits

-Deal 4: I don’t care but it’s okay

-Deal 5: okay great for the veterans

-Deal 6: why do you sell this mediocre tank for gold

-Deal 7: I don’t care

-Deal 8: I won’t bid I’m waiting for a t8 tank

-Deal 9: same as deal 5

-Deal 10: why did this have to be for gold but, okay the somua will be for credits

-Deal 11: same as deal 5

-Deal 12: i don’t care already have an is2s but it’s great for newbie

-Deal 13: okay op tank for gold nothing new that means there are three slots left one has to be a tier 8 tank for credits

-Deal 14: what is this what is the timing they skipped 2 or 3 deals fot this a glorified 20€ loot box

-Closing thoughts:The bm2021 was awful for a ftp player just two tier8 one of wich was impossible for some to get thanks to wg’s fuck up and no somua is3a or renegade this years bm was awful and a big fuck you for ftp players

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