Bond vs. Bounty equipment

So bond equipment is 1% better than 2 mark bounty equipment. So can you really notice a 1% difference in game? That .04 second faster reload? That 4.5m better view range? That 1kmph faster speed? I really don’t think you can.

So that being said even if WG removes demounting bond equipment for free from WoT+, people will just move their 2 mark bounty equipment and only be 1% less…. and there are way more modules in bounty than in bond.

Skill trumps bonuses.

The “think of the F2P and new players” argument is dumb, if you start to play a 12 year old game there is no logical expectation that you will be or should be on the same lvl as someone who has been playing for 10 years and that’s any game. F2P players have the same opportunities as non F2P players. If I pay for the premium time or say the premium battle pass then yes I should get extra rewards from it.

Nothing is mandatory,

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