Bonds and Referal Tanks, what to get?

Hi, I currently have 4900 bonds and the upcoming 7vs1 event thing, will give out 3000 bonds, that + a few dialy missions and I’ll be at 8k soon, I’ve been lurking arround old posts asking about bond tanks and all the answers are the same:

Nothing spectacular but T26E5 or wait for a future update, has this update arrived already?

The thing is, that tank is also avaliable on the referal program, and I was thinking on doing what many people have done before, farming the referal with a smurf account.

BUT, I don’t know if I want to get the T26 from the referal or if there’s anything else that might be interesting.

From the referal list, I’m interested in: German Mediums and TDs, American Heavy, or the Russian Medium.

So Idk what should I pick for bonds and what to get with the referal.

I’m also interested on other stuff but there’s no Sweedish / TD on the referal.

Bonus question: What about token tanks? Anything decent?

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