Bonds vs tanks

I really admire how u all expect something to happen with bonds that u all have,and that u will get something special on BM. Knowing WG,and knowing how many bonds most of u have, i can 99%say,they will find a way to milk them from u. I dont buy bond equitment,have 2-3 pieces,that i use on tanks in ranked. I have many improved equitments,thta are as good for me. I use bonds to buy mostly tanks, because u get bored from playing the same tanks,and want to experience something new. I had at one point almost 70k,wanting that chief,but i gave up,and spent it all.

Ps: i mostly read that u dont recomend bond tanks,u recomend equitment. I would recomend tanks to everyone, because,to feel the difference with equitment,expecially with field mods , u need years of battles.

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