Bonus Battle Pass Chapter Reminder

An additional, limited-time Chapter will be launched. For completing it, a new Tier VIII Premium vehicle will be rewarded.

List of the possible vehicles where one will be chosen from.

Object 259A
a previous Marathon Reward Tank

Explanation of the Limited Time Chapter:

There will be an additional Chapter that will be active for a limited time. The main reward is a Tier VIII Premium tank.
The requirements for completing the Bonus Chapter are the same as for the main Chapters – collecting Battle Pass points. You earn points the same way – at the end of the battle and by completing daily missions.
Battle Pass Points earned before cannot be transferred into the Bonus Chapter’s progression.

Tip: Earning points in the Season’s core vehicles(T110E4, Leopard 1, Kranvagn) are easier – they offer both increased earnings and increased limits.

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