Bottom tier hero

Shout out to a tier 7 IS-2 in one of my tier 9 matches yesterday. He sacrificed his 1-shot tank to finish off a Ferdinand that was pushing my T30 during my reload. This in turn allowed me to go rescue our Tortoise from a pair of enemies, which resulted in us winning our flank.

An awful lot of people give up when they’re bottom tier in a match. I’ve been tempted myself at times. But it’s a nice reminder that you can still contribute if you pay attention and choose your opportunities wisely. Even before that, he’d been hugging a ridge and contributing shots where he could while I and other 9s had been dueling nearby. He took the opportunity to rescue my big gun and eliminate an enemy big gun even though it meant exposing his tank to enemy sniping to get the Ferdinand’s side. Despite being a bottom tier heavy, he directly contributed to the victory and saved an at-risk flank.

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