Brand new heavy tanks BZ-xx unlocked in 13 days (plus 121000 Free XP) while not playing it

By far the easiest & least stressful way to unlock brand new tech tree is not to play these vehicles at all but rather collect vehicle blueprint fragments from Daily Mission (I’d re-rolled missions unless its reward was bonds or blueprint fragment) rewards.

In these past days I was getting about 3 fragments per day and since there are only 4 vehicles in brand new Chinese Heavy Tank tech tree (Tier VII to X) it took only 13 days.

necessary vehicle modules: 121000 Free XP

Daily Missions: 35 vehicle fragments (1 fragment: 2x; 2 fragments: 6x; 3 fragments: 8x)

Tour of Duty: 3 vehicle fragments

Another advantage to this method is that it’s significantly cheaper than similar options…

‘Free XP only’ route would cost: 571000 (+ 121000 Free XP) Universal/National blueprint research would cost: 408 Universal blueprints + 126 Chinese blueprints (+ 121000 Free XP)

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