Breakdown of WoT plus vs equivalent dollar value in gold

Another post prompted me to get details – my take on the breakdown:

$9.40 will get you 1800 gold in the premium shop. 9$/WoT+ allows you to earn up to 500 gold, in an inaccessible reserve. 500 gold/week, in an inaccessible reserve. These are equivalent.

De-mounting is 10g per – or a free ticket. I’ve got so many of those tickets from events and such – I just don’t see an equivalence here. *Maybe* WoT+ is good for the free equipment moves to sub as a 1 time deal and use that time to relocate any you’ve questioned, or experiment with builds. After that, geez, who really moves equipment that much that the free tix won’t cover you?

An extra map to exclude, while nice, isn’t something I want to spend money on

I don’t really know about the tank that comes with the sub; I’ve got plenty of premium tanks so that isn’t a draw to me, especially if it’s only available while sub is active; unless it’s super OP with insane bonuses, I find little value in this. New players however, yes, as you’ll spend a lot more gold to get a tier VIII premium permanently – eventually however you’re going to spend a lot more gold value just for this tank if you keep an active sub.

Crew XP is more difficult to quantify as you’ve got to do some funky maths – but: 40xp/5min = 345600xp/Month (30 days). That’s it 345k, you can purchase a 250k crew book for 2m credits in game. THAT $ value works out to just over $10 if you purchased a bundle with gold/silver from the premium shop (the current one available *roughly* equates 2m in credits to $10)

Overall – I see WoT+ as a value for new players. As a 12 year veteran, there isn’t much draw for me here, the crew XP would be nice, but I don’t think it outweighs the other perks I don’t want/need. Although, now that I’ve been corrected on the 500/week instead of 500/month – that changes a few things.

Edit: A correction

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