British Wheeled Mediums | Review & Feedback

Having played the new British wheeled mediums, I can confidently say they’re below average and have no redeeming qualities.

Wargaming was paralyzed by the fear of creating another ebr-like line that would shake up the meta but having played this game through the worst and the best I can say that even if these tanks were to be buffed significantly they still wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll address the fears some people had.

Fear 1) If the wheeled mediums were too fast, then they’d replace the CS63 and would end up too hard to hit.

FALSE, the tier 10 is as big as a maus for crying out loud. Everyone and their mother would be able to hit one. the udes 15/16 is arguably harder to hit when moving.

Fear 2) If their wheels didn’t nearly stop them, then they’d be unstoppable.

??? Not only does it take 20+ seconds to repair a wheel, but the penalty is massive, concept 5 is going at the same speed as an MVY in proportion to their top speed.

Fear 3) Good camo would make them a bigger ebr.

How can someone say such atrocity, the bc 25t, the leopard 1, the udes 15/16 and even the god damn 430u have better camo and can play the role of a handicapped scout. the concept is on par with the e50m, which has armor, speed, and a good gun.

What’s special about the tier 10? the crown jewel of the line?

Speed? It’s slower than a cs63. DPM? what if it had more? it wouldn’t replace monsters like the stb1 or the centurion AX. Armor? it has none. Handling? The concept turns slower than a God damn heavy. Camo? comparable to the E50M, which might as well be a fast heavy.

Point is: What does this tank have special apart from the appearance and useless wheels.

My suggestions:

Double the maximum wheel radius across the entire line, 12* on the concept would mean that the concept can turn fairly well, still not the 33* like the ebr has.

The tier 10 needs more dpm, 2200 on a medium… the obj 140 has a base dpm of 3000 and is not broken + the obj 140 has actual armor. buff it to like 2600 base.

Camo, why does it compare to an e50m, it’s nowhere near the same. Make it similar to the bc25t or leopard.

Shell penetration, if the concept is truly made to rival the leopard and be a mobile sniper, then why does the pen suck in comparison to Leo 1’s shells? It makes no sense.

Truthfully, even if the line and the concept were to be better, even if the concept was buffed beyond reasonable limits, it still wouldn’t replace the cs63 in a competitive environment and for sure wouldn’t replace the role of a scout.

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