Bugs in the latest update 1.16.1

• Outline of the enemy is green;
• Outlining of an ally is red;
• Outlining yourself (tank) in green when standing in vegetation (bushes) and other objects;
• Delayed red outline on enemies.
• Sometimes the silhouette of an allied tank is highlighted when the cursor is not hovering over this tank (during the countdown) + while in countdown it is possible to enter sniper scope.

• If the “low quality” checkbox is checked in the sound settings, then the sounds have deteriorated for some reason (for example, during the countdown), as if a game is running in several realities at the same time and arty is hitting you every second.
Fix: uncheck this box in the Sound Settings.

• The inability to change the equipment preset with the mouse cursor during the countdown of the battle – it can only be changed with the keys.
• Launching the game – Does not respond.
• Battle Pass extended date is bugged.
• Incorrect calculation of useful Damage Panel in the battle on the bottom left (damage, ramming, assists, spots). In some cases everything is just 0.
• Loading delay when exiting a battle.
• Infinite loading of updates in WGC and freezing at x% (5-6% usually).
Temporary fix: Run the x32-bit version of the game client.

Special mechanics bug:
The CS-63 in “X” mode(gas turbine engine) does not deteriorate performance (stabilization), as it should.
A similar bug has already happened with the Panhard EBR 105 2 times in 2021. As a result, we get this bug 3 times only on another tank.

To make it work: Upgrade the Field Modifications on CS-63 until you can choose 2 setups of equipment, if you have upgraded it you have to change the equipment on the battle loading screen/battle countdown, from preset 1 to 2 (or 2 to 1). Further, presumably, do not change engine modes until the end of the battle.

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