Buying Battlepass levels is a scam

Just here to grump a bit.

TLDR: Buying Battlepass levels should give 50 battlepass points, not just the required amount to reach the level above.

Yesterday I finished farming with my Tiers 10 to get the 30 or 35 bonus BattlePass points. I was at the level 138 of the BattlePass with 48/50 points. Since I wanted to get the tokens today, I paid for 2 levels in order to reach level 140. It costed me 500 Gold. When I looked at my BattlePass level afterwards, I saw that my level was 140 but with 0/50 points! This means that I basically paid 500 gold for 52 battlepass points. I thought I would be at level 140 with 48/50….

This is kind of a scam and this should be explained somewhere when we buy battlepass levels.

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