BZ-176 Changes (CT 1.19)

BZ-176 (China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters)

Removed HEAT shells
High-explosive (HE) shell became premium

Firepower:Type 2 shell: HE
Armor penetration 2 (HE) shell: from 75 to 225 mm
Shell velocity 2 (HE) shell: 550 to 760 m/s
2 (HE) shell damage: from 1,100 to 800
Average damage per minute of 2 (HE) shell: from 2,754 to 2,003
2 (HE) module damage: from 200 to 203
2 (HE) projectile price: from 1,450 to 7,200 credits
Radius of damage of 2 (HE) shell: 3.66 m

Armor of the the gun block’s upper roof increased from: 29 to 41 mm
With lower caliber guns it is no longer possible to overmatch this area.


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