BZ 176 in the store when? i dont want to be forced to Gamble if i want a tank

Befor any1 says i know Micro/Macro transactions SUCK ass but this game has always been free to play with the premium time/ premium tank monetisation model. iv been playing for 10 years and have put probably 10s of thousands of hours into the game at this pointiam accepting this

But when are they Either Going to Nerf the BZ-176 (i dont think this is a possibility btw) and or Sell it out side of GAMBA Cases.

Honestly i have had gambling addictions in the past and iv also put myself in questionable financial situations in WOT when they did the first Christmas loot box event back in 2021 or whenever it was, This was the First and Last wot Gamba event i took part in, and for close to 2 years i havnt spent anything on IRL gamba or in WOT or games like it, so you could say reformed addict.

If and when are they Going to Sell these Desirable Tanks that they Force the Predatory Practice of Lootboxes outside of this honestly Sole destroying side of video gaming.Releasing broken or OP tanks is another topic of discussion that WG probably need to do something about it (maybe recent re-balancing is a sign, or copium).Locking There Very Best Tanks behind Exclusive Gambling loot box Events with a PEGI Rating of 7+ getting children aware and normalised to gambling.

IDK this has probably come up numerous times, but i wanted to just say whats been bugging me about this game in particular, Gambling in every form is a Net Negative.

Realistically without actual regulation wot wont stop gamba cases, but at the very least Just Put an UPFRONT price of something your selling so the player base knows what they are buying if they want to buy anything if at all, and stop putting the most unique or OP/new tanks in these Lootboxes…..

This game at times is very disheartening

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