Caern X, terrible credit earner?

So I picked it up as a rental from this week’s code. Figured I’d give a spin before buying.

Holy crap does it just not make money! I’m barely making a couple K credits profit whenever I have to dip into my gold rounds. And no, I’m not a gold spammer by any means, but the cost per hp damage dealt is trash. Not to mention for some reason the vehicle repair cost is more than the Defender.

Am I doing something wrong? Like I make far far more credits for similar performances in the E75TS or the Defender – hell the FV4202 is probably a better credit earner (only played one game in it today to compare and made a far bigger profit)

Outside of crew training for the Conq is this thing just useless? It’s fun sure, but the regular Caern is similar/better in most ways.

Why does a tank with such tragic alpha cost so damn much to rearm lol feels like you barely break even penning a regular round and lose massive amounts pee gold round pen (I’m cool with gold being expensive but like 4,400 a round for 230 alpha?)

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