Camo net and periscopes on LTs?

I like to run camo net and periscopes on my light tanks. I just had an incident that makes me question if this is some mortal sin of light tanks.

I am playing a match as the VK 16.02 Leopard on Steppes. Take the East bush on the south side of the map overwatching the river valley. While I’m sitting there and getting a couple of spots a super hellcat comes up behind me and pushes me out of the bushes. I get spotted immediately and get murdered by the opponent’s super hellcat who I had been spotting. I then get told to learn how to play light tanks by the pusher. Was I in the wrong? Is that the wrong way to play that tank?

I have tried coated exhaust and concealed exhaust before but I always get a simultaneous spot when using those rather than spot and remain hidden. That usually ended in me taking at least one hit before I could get behind cover or getting shot by ten tanks at once and dying at worst.

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