Can I somehow make my Russian Rudy crew into a Polish one?

Hello. I did not play in many years, so I’m very much out of the loop, that’s why I’m asking. If I were to change the Rudy’s nation, it would mean I still have my old Russian crew with 4,5 perks and I get a Polish one with just Brothers-in-Arms. What I’d prefer instead is to make this crew with 4,5 perks Polish and make the Russian crew have just one perk. I’m Polish, so I have a major sentiment towards Poland and Polish tanks, I intend to grind the medium line and I’d use the crew much better there and unfortunately if that was ever possible, I must have missed my opportunity. Is it possible anyhow? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, a little off-topic, but I don’t think it’s worth a separate post. Uuuh can I somehow get CS-52 LIS? Is it time limited and if so can I somehow check if there will be opportunities to buy it? I had hoped it’d be in the tech tree just like that, but it’s not, it’s not available in the shop either. Thanks and sorry again.

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