Can someone explain clan wars?

I have 6k battles (average 51wr,1300 wn8, 1700 recent slowly going up) and i’m thinking to play some clan wars but i don’t quite understand how it works;

1.Are the battles set to be played on specific times or can i queue up and find a match(sooner or later)?

2.Would i manage to find a clan that would take me in or do i need better stats for cw? How would i find a clan that is recruiting?

3.What are the rewards/how to get them?

4.I learned that 277 is a good tank for it and i got it but from what i saw most games are chieftain vs chieftain games, what are other tanks that can be played?

Is it fun or to be played for the rewards?

Is the cw community toxic? Or is it more toxic than randoms? gold spam recommended or required?

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