Can someone explain the experience at the score card to me?

I was just wondering why I’m at #2 (Luchs) in a game I played today while the B2 is at #1.

B2 details: Luchs details:

Anonymized because it’s not about any players but the mechanics. So let’s see:

both vehicles are tier IV The Luchs did 1558 damage, the B2 did 1312 The Luchs did 594 spotting damage, the B2 did 129 The Luchs killed 5 vehicles, the B2 killed 4 I run premium due to Battle Pass rewards at the moment so this shouldn’t matter The Luchs got a medal, the B2 didn’t got any The Luchs spotted 3 vehicles, the B2 spotted 2

Actually there’s not a single stat except the blocked shots where the B2 is better than the Luchs.

Why did he got more experience in the end?

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