Chance for HE to damage internal module and crew

What are the chance (in exact numbers) to damage internal module / knock out crew members in the current game build?

In patch 1.13, it was only stated that the chance for new HE is decreased, but no exact value was mentioned at all.

There’s a post from the WoT player community on Asian server, claiming that the chance for the new HE to damage internal module / crew are as follows:

Engine, fuel tank, radio, turret ring, observation device: 45%

Gun: 33%

ammo rack: 27%

crew: 33% by AP / 15% by HE


So theoretically, for a tank with 4 crews being attacked by a 150mm HE shell, assuming that the blast radius covers half of the modules and crews (in this case 4 in total ), the chance of damaging NONE of them is

(average chance for each internal module / crew to take damage is considered 25% here)

(100% – 25%) ^ 4 = 31%

which means the chance of damaging AT LEAST ONE of the modules / crews is

100% – 31% = 69%


However these numbers do not adds up with the field test on live server:

With Sheridan firing 152mm HE on T110E4 and FV4005 multiple times, ninety percent of the time even if the HE shell results in a penetration, there’s no critical hit prompt.


The test result is quite contradictive to the numbers here, which makes me extremely confused. Are these numbers incorrect? Or the Sheridan 152mm gun with a blast radius of over 5 meters is not enough to cover half of the modules / crews?

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