Chat bans are very snowflakey or I’m confused. Most likely both.

I don’t know how they work but. I got one I def deserved. Guy was giving me shit the whole match I didn’t really give him attention and he messaged me after the match to call me a coward. So I told him he was a pus*y deprived basement dweller and to shut up and leave me alone. That ban was worth it.

But literally I got another ban today and I didn’t even do anything. The only things I can think of is saying arty is BS in chat or arty is stupid. You know the usual. This one match where we had a toxic skorp. Who died with 3 kills and not a lot of damage. I died with 2k damage but only 2 kills. Apperently he was giving me shit the whole game and I didn’t even notice until our AE phase 1 told him to shut up and he just started giving me hate for being an idiot. I did reply but I was more confused and asked me things like “me?” “What did I do” “I got two kills what are you talking about” “if you hit escape the go to garage button is there if you didn’t know”.

Or this other last one I can think of where I died soley because of this STB on mountain pass. Time went on and middle was clear so I went down middle to harass the guys at mountain pass from under the bridge. The STB and I were fighting a progetto 46 and an UDES who was using the bill to shoot down into mid. We got the prog and I pushed down. Baited the udes but he didn’t bite. But that’s because they got pushed by our other flank. Now the STB is just holding middle driving back and forth. He spots skoda just run down there, he tags him once and backs off and I get surprised and I’m a bit lit up from harassing those heavies at mountain pass and he gets 2 shots before I can do anything. I knock him down to 400 alone and die.

All I did was say “STB why didn’t you come help” “there’s literally no one to challenge” “I want you to know I’m dead because of you”.

That’s pretty much it I didn’t really play to much but got chat ban anyways. Also I think it’s extremely stupid WG doesn’t inform you on what things gave you the chat ban. Like it doesn’t have to tell me who reported me (if they did) but tell me I got reported and these are the things you said that got you banned. It would really help 10000x more that. Read these vague rules that generalize what your not supposed to do but it’s up to you to figure it out.

Like I could be getting chat banned for saying. “arty sucks, except for your guys on our team yall are the best” I would never know.

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