Chat scammers, is WG poverless or just not interested?

I receive multiple unsolicited messages daily, often more than five times per day, containing links or references to the so-called ‘best World of Tanks replay’ or ‘reports for cheating’. This is a classic phishing tactic.

I’m aware that I’m not the only one affected by this issue; I’ve seen reports from others in this subreddit as well. It raises questions about Wargaming’s ability or willingness to address the problem.

Is it too challenging for them to implement message filtering mechanisms and to take action against these accounts through bans or blocks? Could they not introduce an option to report spam or scams, making it easier for Wargaming to identify and block culprits?

Perhaps it’s more appealing for them to focus on developing new premium tanks rather than investing in algorithms to detect and protect players from such behavior?

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