Christmas box tanks, next battle pass tank and Black Market predictions

Obviously I will be wrong for most of these. But I wanted to share this with you

Christmas boxes contain: – Tornvagn – M-IV-Y – 122 TM (or KPZ 07 RH, I think it is one of these two) – Altproto Amx 30 – M4A2 T-34 Sherman – Pz Kpfw M15 – Pz Kpfw 35 R – KV-1 shielded – VK 28.01 mit 10.5cm

Holiday gift: – T3 Convertible

Next battle pass tanks: – Obj 590 – Lorraine 50T – Cobra

Black market predictions

Black market bonds auction: – Object 780

(Yes, I know this would be crazy)

Black market credits auction: – T-22 medium – WZ Qilin

Black market credits fixed price: -FV 215b (183)

And there will be a black market key opening at the end again; that will contain premium tanks, FV 215b(183) and Foch 155

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