Christmas for World of Tanks.


I’m fairly new to WOT haven’t seen all the events and in particular Christmas event. What would be the best way to spend my gold to take advantage of Christmas? Or even just moving forward with my progression.

I currently got around 15k Gold My max tank is only Tier 9 T54 almost at the Obj 140. Only Premium tanks I own are T34-85M and the T54.mod1.

My question is shall I gamble loot boxes if they exist for Christmas for meta tanks (what are the current meta tanks you recommend)? Will there be tanks to buy for gold. I want Progetto 46 for sure and maybe Bourrasque.

What tanks do I need to be competitive for clans? I’m really competitive at every game I play and I have been improving a lot from 40% win rate free to play to now premium account 49%. I eventually want to do end game content and keep improving.

I only like playing medium/heavies really. Thanks for advance for advice and suggestions. I am only in the USSR and German tech trees so only got crews from them trees.

Also what about bonds have only 2 bond pieces of equipment vents and rammer. Not sure what I need to be buying tank wise from it and does it refresh? Shall I just buy more equipment for other tanks?.

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