Clan wars – Technical Victory (no points) rant

You can find TL:DR + conclusion below.

If you’re playing global map – sometimes there can be a situation where enemies do not show up (12 players required) and thus you’re awarded with “Technical Victory”. Generally speaking it causes 2 kinds of issues:

1) sometimes it’s a strong clan – you forseen that you will lose with them so you decided to attack other province in next hour. In this case you get overlapping battles so you need to find at least 12 players willing to go play and lose this game (so you won’t get penatly). This is definitely unpleasant but that’s something we had to deal with since beginning of global map.

2) real issue is – since 2021 you need to kill at least 5 enemy tanks in order to be awarded any points for the victory / lose in global map. In case enemies not showing up (e.g. technical victory) you get literally 0 points. This leads to you effecitvely losing points/ranks despite being ready to play the battle. Yesterday as a clan we had over 8 technical victories (3 in advanced front) which means our players “lost” (did not gain) total of 70-150 points (70 if we would lose them all) and this is A LOT (if you got 150 points per day so far – you’d literally be in top 1500 EU).



All in all getting Technical Victory not just screws your map planning but also does not award you any points despite not being in fault of anything. This is unhealthy for the game and definitely not fair towards players who literally dedicate most of their evenings for 2 weeks straight just to play Global Map.


Any ideas if / how can we (as a players/reddit) make any move to suggest to WG that Technical Victories should award you with at least minimal amount of points (e.g. the same amount as if you’d lose game) ?

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