Clan Wars – Will I be able to manufacture the turbo?

Hey clan wars bros! I hoped somebody could help me:

I wanted to get the bond turbo for my chieftain (dont like grinding rankeds) from the workshop. I have these resources alredy, you guys think I will be able to get it before campaing is over?

I know final days clans use the tanks upgrades/”modernization” so more materials are dropped in battles, but I fear at this rate I wont have enough materials since my clan is only doing 3 landing battles a day (plus a couple extra battles), and I alredy missed 2 days (wont be missing any more)

I will make some approximate calculations with the materials i get in todays battles. I just want to have an idea if I should try to get the turbo or IĀ“m just too far from getting it and I shouldnt bother.

EDIT: Heres a link to the resources I alredy have

Thanks guys!

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