Coalition -1, -4 or -14?

Which 279e mission is easiest:

Coalition-1 – 4+ kills 3 battles out of 10 (so 2 out of 9), Coalition-4 – 25 internal crits in 10 battles, or Coalition-14 – top player in both teams by dmg, 3 battles out of 5 (so 2 out of 4) Coalition-15 with honours (in TVP VTU or BC 12t probably)?

I have to do one of them to get Obj 279e.

I have a choice of good tanks, close to a “you name it”, Škoda T56, Progetto 46, Bourrasque, Škoda T 50, TVP T50/51, Vz 55, Emil 2, Kranvagn, B-C 25t, AMX 50B, etc.

Based on me trying them so far (and managing to finish Coalition-11) I’m thinking Coalition-1 is the easiest and Coalition-4 – the hardest, with Coalition-15 with honours a wildcard (I found Alliance-15 with honours relatively easy in a T32, but Union-15 with honours in T-44 not so easy, haven’t done it yet).

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