Coalition-4 Obj. 279e

Sooo, i need one Mission to get my Obj 279e, and its the most skill based mission there is, coalition 4.

Because i decided to skip this bullshit earlier i need to do it with honors now with 30 crits,.

Im around 600 games in the mission with 25 crits in 10 games beeing the highest i would pay a lot of money for someone with godlike rng to fulfill this bullshit of a mission.

someone gave me the tip to try it with the Char mle. 75 and what can i say its better than before but still the hardest mission in the game. i average around 18 pens per game and most games have 0 crits. what am i supposed to do? i have the perk but not the RNG. yes i aim at the internal modules but what can i say they wont get damaged for the life of me. cant believe the only thing holding me away from the 279e is pure luck.

Id love some tipps and tricks how you did it after the HE nerfs.

For the ones who care, i have 2800 recent wn8 and around 62% winrate

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