Cobra appreciation

This tank is probably one of the most fun tanks I have ever played.

It is neither overpowered nor underpowered which makes it feel like a challenge to carry in but is still well within reach. Nothing is more satisfying than having a full HP tier 10 medium yolo at you only to full clip them in 4.5 seconds with the amazing HESH.

Lots of British tanks have great HESH but the cobra doesn’t have to wait in bushes the entire game like the FV’s or have to fight against heavies with better armour (Caliban).

The Cobra is the perfect sweet spot for HESH users because you have amazing clip potential, just make sure you aren’t alone or you are as good as dead with a 40 second reload.

By no means will this tank ever be meta, but if you just want to have a lot of fun in general then this tank and the Char futur 4 should be your top 2 picks, no other battle pass tank even comes close to these 2 in terms of enjoyment.

Cobra supremacy.

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