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I’ve taken a break from WoT and came back recently. I started playing Cold War since I’ve grinded most of what I cared to play in the WW2 game mode, so I don’t know the state of the game in that mode. I’ve noticed this mode tends to have some really awful players, maybe people just starting, but either way beyond what I used to see. Almost bot level, more noticeable on my own team since it leads to steamroll losses, but enemies who sit in the open and don’t react to shots. This is compounded by what seems to be a massive difference in performance of tanks, with lights somehow leading damage and TDs like the 4005 and 268 doubling damage of anything else in Era 1, while maintaining above average mobility and camo. I haven’t played era 2 yet because I’ve been splitting my grind trying out most of the different tanks. My main point is has anyone noticed a severe loss in players intelligence; sitting in the open, sitting in base or Lemmon training while not pushing forward, blocking friendly shots, ignoring lights that are spotting everyone. Since people seem to blame players skill whenever posts are made like that, I’ll just say my player tag on PlayStation is Rich4President for anyone who wants to look at my WN8 which has almost certainly gone down over the last week. I know my player rating from the in game stats tracker is 7166. I love this game and am not giving up despite the absolute melons that have taken over, but has anyone else just felt hopeless?

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