Coming back after years – what tank tree is actually ‘fun’?

Okay, forgive me for asking, but I tried to research the topic and I’ve found a lot of conflicting informations.

I’m returning after years and I wanted to play some tanks, but I can’t decide which tank tree to pick.

I’ve got German, Soviet and US developed up to 7th tier in heavy/meds and British up to 5th tier. I like the Polish and Swedish tank trees as well.

Which three out of those (except for the soviet) would be the most fun for someone who absolutely sucks at this game? I barely play it, game here and there, so I won’t ever learn the nitty-gritty details about how it works, but as I remember some of the IV tiers were an absolute horror w/o premium.

What would you recommend? I’m mostly interested in ~IV or V tier, as I’ll probably not progress past VII.

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