Coming back from a 2 year hiatus/questions

Hello, I just came back to WoT after a long hiatus. I believe the last time I played was during the GI Joe event where I ended up getting the tier 8 tank TS-5 Tank Destroyer. Although I casually played here and there without getting serious into the game, I came back from a hiatus and I believe I’m going to take Tanks more serious. But while I don’t have any tech tree tanks at tier 8 and above, I’ve been grinding the tier 7 US Tank Destroyer Hellcat line, the US SPG (arty) line (currently at M44), and the German arty line (currently at Hummel). I’ve been wanting to get some more premium tier 8 tanks, and I need some Medium and Light Tank Premiums. While I have the tier 8 premium Light Tank HWK 30 and the tier 9 Heavy Tank AE Phase, I want to get some more tier 8 tanks…more or less Medium and more Light Tanks. I’ll even cave at other Tank Destroyers and Heavies suggestions.

So my question for this topic is: What are some good premium Medium Tanks to get? I was thinking on French, but Im clueless on what to get.

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