Confused about the crew training

Sorry to bother you, but I’m in a pickle with the crew thing. I had a crew with 100% and ready-to-pick skills and when I placed them inside a tank, they lost their 100% and I couldn’t pick any skill anymore. I tried to read up on the crew, but I wanted to ask first about certain things:

Does a crew “forget” their ability to drive a tank? I’ve got a Polish HT line crew that’s almost 100%. I was hoping for a discount on 1st of Augist for Pudel (Warsaw Uprising anniversary) and use Pudel as a tank for training crew and maybe earning some credits. Can I bring in the HT crew there and train them? I know that 50TP would be better, but it’s three times as expensive and I’ve already got Lowe for premium HT. I also like Pudel for the history’s sake. So if I retrain the HT crew for the Pudel, will it be back at 100% when I put them back in HT? I know HT>HT is okay, but I don’t know about HT>med. If I don’t have any premium French tank, how could I effectively train Light Tank crew? I was thinking about getting M10 bond tank, but I’ve heard it sucks. I bought T-34-3 already and I don’t have that many bonds (1k). Getting BP french tank for tokens is possible, but I’d only have a month to try and get it, so I’d ideally look for another solution. Are there some options I’m unaware of?

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