Connection Faild

If anyone can help, i have a hard time to connect at the EU servers, i made a Ticket to WG and we try many things so i can have a stable connection, the problem is that if i’m lucky and connect, after 1-2 battles, the connection cut off, we try to see if is a Firewall think, No, i gave permision to that, we try the antivirus, No, i made an exception to the file of the game for that, so antivirus don’t run the game, we open the specific Ports of WoT so this ports are open at anytime, TCP and UDP, No, the game still disconnect or dose not connect at all, to connect some times i have to press the Connect putton for 10 minutes strait. So, any suggestions what to do next? i didn’t mension that i delete and download the game 3-4 times.

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