Controversial opinion about this year’s Waffentrager event

The BT E110 is weaker than last year’s, and thus much easier for the Harriers to win. It is, from the point of view of the BT player, much, much harder to win than last year.

There, I said it. Now some of you might be wondering, well then why are the large majority of matches won by the BT E110 and not the Harriers?

And my personal humble opinion is that the general flow of this year’s “version” of the mode is much more reliant on teamwork. The fact that one person takes forever to cap the generator and multiple people need to shoot the Waffentrager only when it’s weak, shifts the win condition of this mode from brains and skills to just teamwork. Just one or two people on your team not knowing how the mode is played out or simply throwing away plasma is enough to shift the battle completely in favour of the BT. But as you all should know, teamwork in World of Tanks is…rare, simply put. With teamwork absent from the equation and the fact that individual skill/knowledge is no longer sufficient to win as a Harrier, it is no wonder why the Waffentrager is winning the large majority of battles.

Furthermore, against even a semi well coordinated team who actually understands and plays the objective, it is actually somewhat difficult to win in the BT…give the team one or two elite players with teammates to back it up and it’s pretty much an auto win for the Harriers, every single time. 7 objective-playing, semi-coordinated red tomatoes will trump a full team of unicums that don’t play or don’t understand the objectives. (Although notably, it is more common for a tomato than a unicum to not play the objective, but I’m just using it as an example to prove my point)

My guess is that in a week or two the rough percentages of the winrates of both parties will even out due to people actually learning how the game mode is played (to be fair, WG has done an absolutely abyssmal job in teaching people how the objectives should be played)

But in a few weeks, once the clueless players that don’t coordinate with the team stop playing either due to constantly losing on both the Harrier team and Waffentrager or just getting bored of the mode, the winrates will easily shift in favour of the Harriers. Again, just a prediction.

Just my twocents from playing a ton of this game mode (on both sides), but curious to why you guys think the BT is, at least currently, winning the vast majority of games.

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