Could explain to me how internal critical hits with HE work in this newer reworked HE version of the game?

Right now I’m trying to do HT-4 for the Obj 260, but after 50 ish games in the KV-2, T-150 with 122mm, and Obj 705A, I’m struggling to get any large amounts of internal crits. it is my understanding that the HE crits got changed so that the spalling hurts internals in the former splash radius of the shell, but I’m still confused on how it works.

Sometimes, I get 26 damage and kill a crew member, many, many times I have penned for 900 and gotten 0 crits, never more than 2. So far I have not gotten more than 3 internal crits in any one battle (although I have yet to set anyone on fire).

Could anyone explain to me how the new spalling works and how I can maximise my crits for this mission?


The KV-2 is fun, but I don’t wanna play it forever

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