CREW 2.0 doubts , pls help with info !

Hello everyone! I have been reading and watching many videos about the new crew 2.0. Now the question is: Is there any way to take advantage of the new changes for FTP players like me and many others? I currently have a British crew with 5 skills (commander-gunner-driver-radio operator-loader) , I heard something about making them all Commanders??? To multiply crews , coz apparentely only Commanders skill count? At the same time I was testing in the Main page and to reach an 80 points crew lvl in the new system , everyone of the crew members must to have 5 skills. It’s complicated , pls help! Ty in advance to all!

EDIT 1 : What about special crew that I have not recruited? Snow maidens (2 default skills) and Chuck Norris , Mirny event (all with 3 default skills)??

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