Crew 2.0 is literally a serious Arty buff, why did nobody notice?

Crew 2.0 is a literal buff to all tanks and a change of gameplay generally.

But there is one huge problem with it – Arty(As always).

Just because your Is-7 can kill enemy 277 differently now, or just because your LT can spot enemy TDs differently now, or just because your medium now has better gun handling to shoot enemy mediums better:

Why does arty get better reload, accuracy, aim, camo, whatever?

Arty’s performance is not related to enemy or allied Maus’s performance, because simply, it doesn’t matter for SPG whether Maus has Crew 1.0, Crew 2.0, Crew 6.9, Food, gun rammer, ventilation or HP boost, it really doesn’t matter for arty, because one way or another, Arty is still uncounterable for Maus.

The Crew2.0 buffs to arty are meaningful, it will have much better accuracy now, so expect much more AP and HE penetrations from sky,

and I will say to you: Go ahead and counter arty with your better gun handling.

If WG are buffing arty with Crew2.0, then they need to add more ways for normal tanks to counter arty, for example force shields or something. Otherwise, WG this is cringe at this point. You are nerfing arty to buff it again.

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