Since the last “crew 2.0 Sandbox Test” Wargaming managed to fix the main issue of the crew 2.0 – aka. the decreased efficiency of the crew.

From the screenshots I will post below you can see it clearly, with the correct placement of the skillpoints you can remake your old crews without losing anything – or even getting more out of it.


Now I managed to make the same “crew 1.0” crew from 58 points, -before (in “old crew 2.0”) it took 61 points and Off-Road driving was fully missing


reload time and aiming time is slightly better now


Traverse Speed got better, the Camo% is slightly worse but I would have 3 more points to spare on it if I want to


Managed to get 455 viewrange again with 58 skill points which is great (before I spent 61 skill points and only got 441 viewrange in (“old crew 2.0”)

TL;DR your crews are going to be as useful or even MORE useful than before, no need to complain about the new system’s skills and points

About the end game crew 2.0 content (after level 80)
There have to be something to grind for, in the current system after 4 or 5 skills it’s completely useless to grind the crews.

In this new system there will be possibilities to get your crews even better and a new goal to play for.
imo it’s worth the grind to play for extra +15% Vehicle Handling bonus.

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