Crew Training Gen. Inquiry

Howdy howdy! Just played for my first week and I think I’ve racked up about 30 hours. I’m juuuuust getting to Tier 5 and I have questions regarding training of crew that I can’t seem to find answers for, and hope the community can help.

As I’m training crew for a tank I haven’t fully researched (spent research points on upgrades/tanks), how is XP for each crew member earned? I’ve retrained my crew and they’re just all passing over 80%. I’ve noticed after the most recent battle with my StuG III that I went from 78% for all but commander to 80% in the course of a battle. Is a portion of what I earned spent on crew training? If so, approx. how much will generally go to crew? If you lose a battle, does you crew still train, or will no points be afforded to them?

Again, I’m somewhat new and I can’t really find the answers I’m looking for. Thanks in advance!

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