Crew Training

I’ve been playing for a full year now but still haven’t figured out how actually the “accelerate crew training” thing works: I know it moves all the per-game earned xp to the crew instead of keeping it available for gold conversion, but the thing I don’t understand is how this xp is treated.

I mean normally free xp counts as much as 5 times “regular crew xp”, so the xp I earn with an elite tank and wich I use to train the crew is counted as if it is free xp (5 times crew xp) or just regular crew xp?

Quick example to make you understand better my question: I roughly need 60k crew xp to get to 100% of my third skill on Thunderbolt VII, so if I get a win for 1000 xp do I get a 1000 xp progress or a 5000 one in crew training?

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