CS-52 Lis vs. KPZ 07 RH?

Sorry for another “which tank” thread, but I have a specific question about these two. I read/watched a lot about both tanks and finally decided on the KPZ. Then I log into the trade-in event and see the KPZ is 1,500 gold more expensive than the Lis. I love the Cromwell, and I view the KPZ as a tier 8 Cromwell – is that true? Can the Lis reliably play hull down and bounce shots against other meds? Is the KPZ better than the Lis, especially considering the 1,500 gold price difference? Looking for recommendations. Thanks

Edit: My only premiums are the T-832, T-103, and AMX 13 57. I’m a light tank main with recent 2,300 WN8 and 55% win rate

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