Current General Opinion on which Tier 8-10 Tanks to Keep

Hello there,

I have been away from the game for some time and felt the itch again recently. With my garage being nearly full with the lines I wanted to grind to T10, I have wondered:

Which tanks of Tier 8-10 are currently considered the best Tier for Tier representatives of their respective lines? I am talking about things like the French T9 Heavy outclassing the T10 (at least unless that was patched ever since), the WT IV generally being considered to be the superior alternative to the Grille 15, or the Czech T10 medium being a straigth upgrade to the T9.

I would be especially interested about these lines: T-100 LT, Obj 430U, Maus, Leopard 1, AMX 50 B, and Centurion AX

Alternatively, if there is some kind of document or blog or whatever where someone took their time and did a “guide” on all lines, that would be appreciated as well.

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