Current state of tier X

I am very mediore player when it comes to tier X, but IMHO In am above average in most of the tanks in tiers 5-9.

My problem with tier X is this – it should be pretty much the endgame content, like max level PVP in WoW or something. Now, I used to play WoW for many years, and your know what, I was able to sometimes defeat 1vs1 enemies, while playing one of the worse PVP specs, enemies playing spec that was considered one of the better specs for PVP, in patch X, patch Y. Now in WoT, Tier X – good luck when you play something like Maus. Now dont get me wrong, superheavies like Maus or Type 5 have just stupid armor, and you pretty much have to load gold against them, but take Maus or Type 5 against hulldown, goldspamming Chieftain, and tell me that it requires great skill to just sit hulldown, be like hulk cuz you cant be killed, you only have miniature weakspot cupola, and you spam gold on anything. Also excuse this eng post I am drunk and it aing my first language.

I love this game, but seriously, tier X which should be the endgame PVP content, is the most unbalanced tier in entire game.

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