CW vs chieftain

So with CW being announced, the word storm about chieftain has once again commenced. Chieftain was left out from CW rewards, and many people apparently don’t like it.

Now, dont get me wrong. I completely understand that it is not fair for clans that do not have chieftains yet, and clans with chieftains dominate the leaderboards. But do you really think, that adding more chieftains is a good solution of the problem ? Based on your propositions that started appearing in comment sections again, you want it to be fair for everyone. So you are basically proposing to keep giving out more chieftains until every clan has some, right ?

Do any of you take random battles into account ? Sure, a few thousand more chieftains wouldn’t change anything. But keep adding a few thousand of them every CW, and it will start getting annoying in randoms… And not only in randoms, but also in CW. Do you really want the CW to change into a chieftain shitfest where every clan has a chieftain?

Arent there other (more relevant) solutions ? For example limit the amount of chieftains per team. Or remove reward tanks from CW battles. Or something else…

At the end, let me appeal to all of you. Please discuss like humans, not like a pack of chimps. I will accept every positive/negative comment if it is written politely. Thanks.

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