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Hey guys,

Somewhat of a new player here. I joined WoT last week and have been playing WoT Blitz for about 2 months. I have about a 1k battles on Blitz where I have been learning fundamentals such as scouting, positioning, how to utilize armour effectively, significance of terrain and momentum e.t.c. I started WoT with the Super Pershing T8 Premium tank, as I do not care to grind up through the lower tiers (will still play them in the future) and my time is limited/valuable. I chose the Pershing because it had a good mix of stats @ T8, has limited preferential match making and was “reasonably” priced (I got it for $35 CAD). I already know that I will be spending some more money ($100-$200 maybe more..) on premium tanks (specially T 7/8 as that’s what I prefer to play at the moment). I also got a T6 Light Type 64 for $15 CAD yesterday. After several days of crappy deals I finally got tank offers as shown in the attached images

I am seeking advice/guidance no which purchases to prioritize/which ones are worth it for me. Keep in mind, I do my research before I buy and I know that Black Friday is a few days away (no sure if it’s a big deal for tank sales) and It seems December is a crazy good time to be buying tanks. I have a few picked out already that I know I want (Lt-432, maybe Centurion RAAC 5.1, T-44 come to mind). I am seriously debating picking up the Borrasque.

Tanks I have the opportunity to buy in the next 5 days

Borrasque T8 Medium $48 CAD Very interested M54 Renegade T8 Heavy $60 CAD Very interested Lansen C T8 Medium $34.13 CAD (Prime gaming discount ) Interested AMX 13 53 T 7 Light $22.59 CAD (Prime gaming discount) kinda of interested SU-122-44 T7 TD $29.22 CAD (Prime gaming discount) meh? Vk 168.01 Mauerbrecher $49.57 CAD (Prime gaming discount) meh

The STRV M/4 T6 Was my first purchase in WOT BLITZ and I really enjoyed it there, not sure how it is in WOT. The IS2 for 5k Gold or $30 seems not bad either.

I’ll also most likely have 2x 20% discount coupons from tonight’s Twitch WOT channel stream/prime gaming so there is some savings there. As you may have surmised, I am cheap and like to save $ where I can, specially when it’s on virtual tanks I’m not convinced are worth the full value ($60 Cad…). What do you guys recommend? Pick up one or two of these or just save my money for December and or black Friday deals? Also I disdain gambling (for lootboxes) so loot boxes are probably a no go.

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