Deeper analysis on three new tech trees for 2023/2024 – Japanese TD, 2nd Japanese HT and the new high-tier autocannon tech trees

As WG announced on Friday, there will be three new tech trees after the Chinese rocket heavy tech tree that will be released in 2-3 weeks – Japanese TDs, 2nd Japanese HT line and a tech tree of still unconfirmed type and nation that will feature high-tier autocannons, with overheating feature that prevents them for firing for too long.

The announcement was quite brief and not much information was given. Nevertheless, even the few images and clips, as well as WoT Blitz already having the two Japanese tech trees, there’s a lot of speculation to make and we can thus give a pretty alright idea what to expect for these new tech trees. As a huge Japanese vehicle enthusiast, getting two new Japanese tech trees is like finding a gold treasure, and while I don’t have quite the same personal passion for them, high-tier autocannons are also something that I’ve seen a lot of people asked and be excited for.

I want to clarify that no further information of these tech trees has been revealed since Friday – this is article is merely to give as good image as possible what to expect from the upcoming tech trees.

Japanese TD line

The tier 10 Japanese TD, Ho-Ri.

One of the most infamous vaporware tech trees, the Japanese TD line, is finally coming! Among the most long-requested tech trees, Japanese TD line has been hinted and even planned by WG since 2015-2016, and would then take a whole 7-8 years for them to finally arrive. Even WoT Blitz has had them since 2020.

If you have ever played WoT Blitz, you can identify the tank very quickly. This is the tier 9 Ho-Ri with the gun of the tier 10 Ho-Ri as what is very likely the tier 10 vehicle. The gun in the question is 15 cm Cannon Type 96, which on Blitz has whopping 380 mm penetration with its premium AP shells, and it also packs 560 alpha (which roughly translates to 650-680 alpha on PC terms) and having great all around gun statistics. Other than, the Japanese TDs on Blitz mostly have good mobility, surprisingly good camo for their size, but fairly unreliable armor. Given the tier 8 premium, Ho-To, is actually very similar to the Japanese TDs on Blitz, the tech tree will likely play quite similarly on PC, since WG usually uses the tier 8 premium as a baseline for the tech tree.

One noteworthy aspect of the Ho-Ri is that it’s actually mostly a real vehicle, as opposed of being a complete WG fake like most recent tier 10s. It’s not completely historical – the real Ho-Ri had a much weaker 10.5 cm gun and much weaker armor, but it’s still an actual, real design instead of a WG fake. It is even possible that one of the Ho-Ri variants was partially built, but that was most likely the other, Jagdtiger-esque Ho-Ri design, which likely will be the tier 8. Given that the tier 10 is based on a real vehicle, it’s very possible the rest of the tech tree follows the same route. Not a big deal, but still a neat little detail worth noting before you stall calling them “another bunch of complete WG fakes”.

While it’s very likely that the Japanese TD line will be similar to some degree to the line on Blitz and will likely have similar tier 7-10 vehicles, guessing where the line starts or what tanks it’ll have is still nothing but a guesswork. Either way, it’s almost certain that some of the scrapped Japanese TDs from 2015-2016 won’t make it, since the original tech tree was supposed to be a tier 2-10 tech tree, while TD lines nowadays start from tier 4 at earliest.

Overall, the Japanese TD line likely won’t be a tech tree with any crazy gimmicks. Japanese TDs will likely be fairly standard, versatile TDs with average platforms but absolutely fantastic guns. Think a mix of Jagdtiger and old tier 10 Object 263. Since the Ho-To is already being tested, I’d guess the Japanese TD line will be the first of these 3 tech trees to appear. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them as early as April-May

2nd Japanese HT line

The tier 10 Japanese non-super heavy, Type 71.

Another Japanese tech tree that is already on WoT Blitz, the Type 71 will be the tier 10 of the 2nd Japanese HT line, that will be added on the Japanese tech tree alongside the current Type 5 Heavy line. A fictional post war design, the Type 71 is a radically different, near polar opposite to the huge, lumbering WW2-era Type 5 Heavy, being a sleek, more modern looking MBT – pretty much a very fat STB-1. Make no mistake, the Type 71 certainly not a small vehicle – it’s about as long as an E 100 and weights over 70 tons on Blitz.

Some people speculate that this will replace the Type 5 Heavy line, but that’s not true. The Japanese super-heavies will stay; in fact, the Type 5 is supposedly going to be one of the many tanks to be rebalanced in 2023. Indeed, the Type 71 line will be added as a 2nd Japanese HT line alongside the Type 5 Heavy line.

The striking feature of the Type 71 here are the things on its gun. Given how they stand out like that, they’re almost certainly not there as a decoration – they’ll likely be related a some sort of gun related gimmick the 2nd Japanese HT line will probably have. What those things actually are is still a mystery to me, but they could be a some kind of cooling system for the gun. This could indicate that the Type 71 will have some kind of “overheating” mechanism like the new high-tier autocannons – you have incredibly high rate of fire, but if you fire for too long, your gun overheats and you’ll either have a long reload, or you can’t fire at all for some time. Keep in mind that this is pure speculation, but given that the things on the gun stand out so much, there’s no way that they’re just a decoration.

As for the other aspects of the Type 71, the front plate seems to be somewhat different to Blitz, with smoother, less angled front plate as opposed to ridiculous, near autobounce angle LFP the Type 71 has on Blitz. The gun seems to be the same, relatively low-caliber 120 mm gun as on Blitz, which further makes the “overheating” gimmick more likely. Given the Type 71 is related to the STB-1, it’s very possible it’ll also get hydropneumatic suspension like the STB. So it’s certainly possible that the Type 71 will be a true gimmick monster with TWO new mechanics, which would be somewhat ironic, given how it’s a fairly bland (but apparently overpowered) vehicle on Blitz.

Given that the 2nd Japanese HT line is full of fictional vehicles and how Japan lacks a tier 5 tech tree heavy like most other nations (why the O-I Exp was moved to collector’s vehicles is still a mystery to me), I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2nd Japanese HT line started at tier 5 like on Blitz. This probably also means that the Type 5 line will be “moved” a bit, so that the O-I is researched from the Mitsu 108 instead of Chi-Nu. The Mitsu 108 is actually more comparable to our familiar super-heavies than the rest of the Japanese HT line, after all.

The 2nd Japanese HT line will be a very different line to our super-heavy vehicles. They’re likely going to be more mobile heaviums with 105-120 mm guns, a possible gun-related gimmick and possibly a hydropneumatic suspension akin to the STB-1. Essentially, they’ll probably be some sort of fat, heavy tank versions of the STB-1 with a possible gimmick attached to them. I personally believe that the 2nd Japanese HT line will be added sometime in August/September, being the “traditional” August/September tech tree. While no tier 8 premium vehicle exists as of now, it’ll most likely be the Type 57.

High tier autocannon tech tree

The new high-tier autocannon tank. Likely either the tier 10 or the tier 8 premium.

Finally, we have the high-tier autocannons. High tier autocannons are something I know a plenty of people have wanted for a long time. Autocannons are a mechanic that are mostly exclusive to low tiers entirely, yet they’re quite popular there as they’re very fun to use (and in some cases, because they’re busted). Given that and the fact WG is constantly looking to introduce new gimmicks, I thought that high-tier autocannons are inevitable at some point.

These vehicles won’t simply be high-tier vehicles with autocannons, however. Instead, they’ll be rapid firing vehicles that have a “overheating” system. They can keep firing until the cannon overheats, after which they’re unable to fire for some time (presumably a hefty amount).

Autocannon vehicle in action, firing at an E 50 M. It can keep firing until the overheat cauge fills.

Other than explaining the mechanics themselves and the ability of damage it can deal (which likely is a very WIP placeholder), pretty much no information of vehicle itself was given. I can’t identify the vehicle, either (it’s not Japanese heh), so I can’t really say much about it, what nation, class it is etc. However, my guess that the high-tier autocannon tech tree will be a line of Czech light tanks. The base color seems to be the Czech brown, and the smallish stature and general nature of autocannons would indicate the vehicle being a light tank.

It’s also possible that the high-tier autocannons will be a Czech TD line. After all, a Czech TD line would make a lot of sense with the ShPTK TVP 100 existing for some time already. However, I doubt these autocannons will have a particularly high penetration, so they’ll most likely be tied to flanking-focused, damage dealing LTs that would actually fill a similar role to the recently released Char mle. 75, just without the turbo mode and more focus on the firepower. That being said though, a turreted glass-cannon TD that focuses on flanking to deal damage as opposed to being a traditional assault TD or a sniper TD would certainly be an extremely unique approach to the class.

I’d predict that this will be the early 2024 tech tree, with the tier 8 premium being released for Holiday Ops next year. Given that most of the gimmicky gimmicks have been released around that time, high-tier autocannons would fill that niche perfectly. Alongside that, these could open the doors for a lot of new tank options, such as the M48 with Gau 8 Avenger – that’s right, a M48 with the 30 mm gatling gun of the legendary A-10 Warthog.


All of these tech trees are extremely exciting to me. Japanese TD line is something I’ve wanted for several, several years. The 2nd Japanese heavy line appear alongside it is also incredibly exciting to me – seeing my favorite nation to suddenly grow so much is just incredible. The high tier autocannons could also be exciting, though it’s very hard to say just yet how they’ll actually function in-game.

I could end up being completely wrong here, but I’m pretty confident that this article will give you at least some idea what the new tech trees will be all about. Thank you for reading!

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