Detailed Crew 2.0 Overview

Made by our reader KSA:

I want to draw attention to the new CREW 2.0 changes. Because if we let it through the vast majority of the playerbase won’t benefit from it.

I want to show my conclusions with a 4 skilled and 42%ed crew. It’s an ~average crew in my opinion.

With the help of ” ” I was able to reproduce my exact previous crew in the new point system.

First of all I would like to show the differences without Instructors because they weren’t in the game until now.

You can notice a huge difference, the crews are the same but now it has half a second longer reload, significantly lower view range.

When I add 4 Instuctors with Coherence extra skill which is equal to the old BiA it’s still worse than before.

From these changes an average player will get out worse.

But now let’s take a look at someone who has a lot of credits to pump it up to the 75 “max” rank and let’s see the differences.
I calculated the extra crew exp here:

So in this case if you are able to get 3,160,095 more extra Crew Experience by buying crew books, which are equal to 26 MILLION spent credits (13 x 2million credits crew books) you are able to get a better crew than before 2.0 and even have 14 spare points to put somewhere.

and it’s not even the tip of the iceberg

On the next picture you can see that we are only at Level 5! from the 13 ranks

The “fun” only begins after it. You have to earn millions of crew exp to level up and if you are able to you will get a insane amount of percentages compared to Level 75 players. I was able to create an Advanced Specialist crew which requires around 40 MILLION crew exp and +150million credits to afford crew books!

Let’s see a Rank 5 vs Rank 12 crew

The differences are HUGE. Super Conqueror has half a second less loading time with it, way better Gun Dispersion, way better camo and INSANE view range.
474 view range compared to the old 439!

Final words:

This new update only benefits the top 1% and the pay2win layer of players.
We should leave our feedback or WG won’t bat an eye or bother at all.
Seeing these changes makes me furious and I don’t want to see it on the live server in this form.

About me:
So I slowly climbed the ladders of the game and almost got into the best of the best but I abandoned this foolish idea and stopped playing. I have +50k battles behind me. I owned nearly maxed out crews but I don’t want to see the top 1% get even better crews and abilities with this patch.

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