Did anyone try War Thunder, get frustrated, feel it’s not near as fun as World of Tanks? I did and might have figured out why.

I am going to talk about War Thunder Realistic ground, because arcade feels like a cheap ripoff of WoT IMO. I played War Thunder literally over half a year during lockdowns and feel it’s just not that fun, the ground play. The air game is actually enjoyable. I feel that World of Tanks is much better at tanks, more engaging, and more fun.

I think the main reason I like WoT better is the spotting system. In War Thunder (Ground RB) I feel that the game is extremely campy and slow, it is heavily weighted towards veterans with map knowledge and camping spots. At the end of the day I just don’t think I like a game that is so campy and slow. I also think it is much harder to basically see stuff and get into a fight.

Did anyone else try it and feel the same way I do, or am I making no sense, lol? I guess I am saying I just really dislike the War Thunder RB and feel I have given it many months of play to try to like it.

Anyway I am done for good with War Thunder and back enjoying World of Tanks. (I still play War Thunder Airplanes though)

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