Did I burn out yet again?

I came back in December after almost a year old break (20,000+ battles, 12 year old account).

Played allot during the holiday bonus for time, really enjoyed grinding through some tier 8-9’s with the ezp bonus etc.

Also played to level 46 of the battle pass, got the the tank and felt it was worth it / enjoyable.

But I feel a bit burned, grinding tanks with the exp bonus and grinding battle pass levels has played quite a number in my recents stats too. I don’t play for stats but I would like to see them grow ( I am the definition of average at aroud overall 1100 – 1050 wn8)

I’ve also been avoiding playing my tier 10’s because of the credit sink and overall poor results.

So what now? I’m a backup in my clan for the upcoming event but I predict that the clan will break up as soon as the defeats start pilling cause allot of players joined specifically for the event and noone likes loosing.

What are your short – mid term goals? What drives you?

Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated.

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